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About Me.

Philippa Marvin (she/her) is a Toronto based animation writer and fantasy cartographer who holds dual citizenship in Britain and Canada.

Her writing credits span preschool to 8-11 demographics, and include Agent Binky: Pets of the Universe (redknot & DKLA), Builder Brothers Dream Factory (Sinking Ship & Treehouse), Corn & Peg (Nelvana & Nick Jr.), Hamsters of Hamsterdale (Nelvana & Nick Jr.) and Zokie of Planet Ruby (Nelvana & Nickelodeon).

Growing up as an immigrant in a close-knit rural Canadian town, Philippa was intimately acquainted with the feeling of being a fish out of water throughout her childhood and adolescent years, so she gravitated towards fantastic and fictional worlds and never left the local thrift store without a stack of new novels – especially those with horses or girls with swords on the front covers. She often spent her time at the barn, spinning her own tales for the ponies and sheep, or creating her own trading card games and table-top RPGs.

After graduating from Loyalist College’s Television and New Media Production program, Philippa began her career in television working crew-side as a production coordinator, and her resume spans animated series The Doozers, Corn & Peg and Super Wish, documentaries Somebeachsomewhere and The Trauma Toll, factual series Eyes for the Job and short-form web series Epic Studios and Save Me.

Philippa writes adventurous, altruistic comedies with heart, and hopes to educate and empower audiences to make the world a better place. She’s especially drawn to worlds with fantasy or sci-fi elements and epic worldbuilding, especially those that draw on her secondary passions of history, paleoecology, and environmentalism. She also specializes in writing production-conscious scripts. In her spare time, Philippa can usually be found home-brewing extinct species into her latest DND campaign.

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